Saving Lives With Great Volunteer People The Hancock County Humane Foundation runs entirely on volunteers. In other words, no one gets paid scooping litter, doing laundry, feeding and cuddling kitties. It’s all a labor of love and generosity mixed together. Thousands of volunteer hours go into maintaining our cat rescue, adoption and fund raising events. As well as our low cost spay and neuter clinics with Frankie’s Friends. The end result is our volunteers save lives through TNR, adoption and outreach programs. We are so very proud of all the efforts and time each volunteer provides HCHF and the kitties. Wont you come join us in our mission to save even more lives? Adopt, Donate and most importantly, please volunteer with the Hancock County Humane Foundation. Even your smallest efforts will greatly change the life of a cat. Please apply today, so many lives are counting on your volunteer help. HOW YOU CAN HELP: We need help with daily care for the kitties - cleaning, medications, and providing socialization. We need fundraising ideas and people to help at events. WE NEED YOU - in whatever capacity, whatever specialty you have to offer - typing newsletters, collecting supplies, transport to vet appointments - YOU havesomething to offer.

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